Wednesday, July 3, 2013


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Hello everyone.  I’m coming to you a bit early this week because there are some things I’d like to share with you that go beyond my regular weekly posts.  I’ve been doing a lot of praying, seeking, searching, and reflection in regards to my blog page, my writing in general, and God’s plan and purpose for it all and it’s all been quite eye opening but also a bit mind boggling as well.  He has been speaking to me through so many little things lately that I can’t write fast enough.  My husband is absolutely astounded at the sheer number of pens I’ve ran out of ink over the past few months, as I’ve filled numerous notebooks full of the ideas that just keep flowing…I imagine this is only going to increase that much more when I attend She Speaks three weeks from now.  Wow!  Is it really only three weeks away already?  Scary!

When I first got started on this blogging journey, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing; especially on the technical side of things, but I didn’t want that to stop me from stepping out in faith, so I went ahead and got started anyway.  Now that I’m getting a bit more comfortable, I figured it’s high time to step out of my box again and start figuring out some of this techy stuff.  With that being said, while there are many changes that are continually being made to enhance the page and your experience when you visit here, there are a few changes that offer more to you the reader directly, so I want to share those with you directly.

Ch-Change #1: “Faithful Fans” membership option
(aka becoming a follower of The Word vs. the world)
If you’re a family member, friend, sister or brother in Christ, fellow warrior of His Word, or simply someone who enjoys what’s being shared here @ The Word vs. the world, then I invite you to show your support by signing up to join this site.  Not only is it completely free and really easy to do, but it will also come with special rewards and opportunities in the near future – being entered into drawings for prizes, and optional survey/feedback offers to help with upcoming projects just to name a couple.  How do you join?  When you finish reading this post, make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.  There you will find the “join this site” box to enter your info.  I look forward to meeting you there!

Ch-Ch-Change #2: The Word vs. the world original posters and Pinterest board/page
This is something I’ve wanted to do from the beginning, but was clueless how to go about it.  A dear friend of mine who is a photographer was kind enough to point me in the direction of some software to get me started.  My goal is to not only create my own posters for each post, but also to go back and create ones for all my old posts as well, as I have time.  In addition to that, you will find a link below each poster that will bring you directly to that pin on my new The Word vs. the world Pinterest board.  If you’re on Pinterest, this will enable you to quickly and easily re-pin the ones you love, but whether you’re on Pinterest or not, please feel free to share and use the posters on your own blogs, FB, etc.  All that I ask is that you also include the link.  Lastly, in regards to Pinterest, I’ve also added a Pinterest page to the blog page itself.  This can be found as a tab at the top of the page.  There you will find the link to The Word vs. the world board itself, rather than just a specific pin.  I invite all you Pinterest lovers to come follow me there as well, where you will also find more fun scripture and quote pins related to the topics of this blog.  Here is a preview of my first three original creations (in addition to the one for this post).  I have barely scratched the surface of possibilities with these, but it’s a start…

For blog post "Who U R"

*For blog post "# Blessed: Continued"*

For blog post "Matter of the Heart"


Ch-Ch-Ch-Change #3: Coming to you with more frequent blog posts / “Teaching Tuesdays”
When I first got started blogging here, the plan was to write multiple times a week; however, I quickly discovered that in creating new habits, it’s best to start small and then build on it.  Now that my first goal of consistency has been established, I’d like to start building on that with frequency by adding what I’m calling “Teaching Tuesdays” – a post where I can share with you two things: #1 - a condensed itemized list of the things I learned from the previous week (which will help in processing and implementation of the info), and #2 – at least one, but up to five of my favorite links to the blog posts, devotions, ministries, web pages, etc. that taught me the week before.  As a blogger/writer/student of the Word, I’ve come to recognize, not only the importance of continually pursuing wisdom from Godly sources, but also in the praising, and promoting of fellow followers and sharers of Christ and God’s Kingdom.  By doing so, it is my hope to create a source of accountability when it comes to ensuring my continued growth while at the same time pointing others in the direction to some of the great available sources out there to draw from as well.  We’ll get this started next Tuesday.  I am so excited to share with you some awesome links that God has been speaking to me through!

So there you have it – three new changes coming your way here on The Word vs. the World.  I hope you will find them all to be equally helpful and enjoyable and I invite you to share with me your thoughts on these changes in the comment section below.  I’m looking forward to your feedback…  

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